Ducati Desmodue: A Modern & Lightweight Bike

"JHP Racing/Ducati Coventry and Frederick Cederna Design have developed the Ducati Desmodue 1170 RS as a modern and lightweight racing platform to take on Superbikes & SuperSports. Uniquely, the race formula doesn’t rely upon top speed as the winning characteristic. With a dry weight of just 300lbs, the 120bhp, hot-rodded 1100cc Desmodue engine provides the power to weight ratio of a 250cc GP racer. Being an air-cooled racer, the Ducati 1170 RS retains the elegance and simplicity of race bikes of yore. No unnecessary plumbing, less weight and prettier lines." (Quote: Ducati News Today/Londonbikers – February 2011)

Ducati 1170 RS

Engine: Race-Spec Hypermotard Evo 1170 cc
Two Valves/Cylinder & Air-Cooled: Fewer parts & lighter weight
Chassis: Pierobon F042 with updated swing-arm
Weight: 301 pounds (with oil/no gas)
Sub-Frames: Lightened and integrated
Forced Air Intake: Ram-air ducts & airbox
Rear cylinder cooling: Targeted air flow through air tunnels & body vents
Low exhaust: Low COG
Improved engine cooling: large oil cooler (V-shaped Corse-type/custom fabricated to fit 1170 RS bodywork)
Strong fuel delivery: 1098 fuel pump
Modern electronics: Falcon Digital Dash/lightweight battery/wiring harness

Own Braking. Own the Corner. Own the Exit. At the right track, it will own the lap time. 1170RS